Iman means faith while Nadora means beautiful gift - Powered by passion, brimming with inventive ideas & spearheaded by design, Nadora Iman strives to bring you the best. 

Shaking-up the hair accessories industry using an innovative business model that focuses on creating a community of like-minded women: Modern. Independent. Fashion-Forward. Nadora Iman encourages women to embrace the liberating power of self-expression through accessory selections. Our mission is to find exclusive products which appeal to women and young ladies who wish to stand out from the crowd. We are committed to providing high quality and wearable pieces that will make you feel beautiful, confident and stylish.

I was tired of not being able to find the hair accessories that I wanted to wear on a daily basis, to an event or around the house. Over time I begin to realize wearing hair accessories and dressing up my looks through accessorizing, made me feel more confident.


Nadora Iman, aspires to be encouraging so that women become bold and live confidently in their own skin. Whether you're celebrating a special event, grabbing lunch with friends, or headed to the office, Nadora Iman is here to inspire and enhance your personal style statement. We want to create a culture where women will love themselves and not conform to mainstream by changing the way women dress and feel one headband, head wrap or specialty headpiece at a time.



Raquel Robertson


My passion is to create a space for like minded women to see beyond tradition and express their personality through accessories